Friday, March 20, 2009

Tongue tie

Tongue tie is when the skin fold underneath the tongue (frenulum linguae) being too short/tight.

Tongue tie prevelance is suggested to be at aout 1 in 1000 newborn.

On observation, the tongue can be a 'heart shaped' - when the sides of the tongue roll up, but the front/middle doesn't, but not always. When the tongue is lifted up, if normal it should be on the roof of the mouth, if not, then the tight frenulum can been seen. Also the tongue will not be able to project beyond the lower gum line.

Symptoms of tongue tie are:
  • weak and intermitten suck:
  • innability to latch well onto breast
  • slow feeding
  • needing to feed often
  • eventually if undiagnosed, can be a cause of poor weight gain
Treatment for tongue tie:
  • At home: Babies with tongue can't do the intial suck process of bringing the tongue out to bring the nipple into the mouth. Therefore, 1)try bringing your nipple to the baby's mouth. To make the child open the mouth, put their chin to the areolar area and the nose to the nipple. 2) thry shaping the breast to make a mouthful shape and bring towards baby.
  • Medical intervention: Not all paediatricians agree, but by snipping the frenulum linguae, babies have been reported to suck harder, feeding becomes easier and quicker, and weight gain begins faster again. This is a simple in-office treatment.

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